Moderna Samlare is an art consultancy company providing individuals with consulting services and companies with art rental services.

Art rental  

To rent art is an efficient way of learning more about significant artists and their works without incurring the costs of a substantial investment. Let the art be replaced every six months or rent it for several years. Buy the works that you really like and let the rest be replaced with new works. When using Moderna Samlare, anything is possible!

Moderna Samlare presently has a bank of approximately 900 works of art. Most of the artists we represent are purchased by Moderna Museet and similar arts institutions in Europe and USA. Our hand-picked extensive range means that you have a great chance to find an assortment of art that reinforces your brand and enhances the experience of your premises.

Art consulting

To get help from an art consultant may be crucial if you want an analysis of your tastes and the artists that evokes your desire to buy.

Our goals are simple: To understand your tastes and objectives, identify the artists who will survive the trend and find the art pieces of your choice.